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Microsoft Dynamics CRM - Professional Services Automation (PSA)

Microsoft Dynamics CRM PSA: perfect solution for project managers to improve the day-to-day activities and productivity

Microsoft Dynamics CRM - Professional Services Automation (PSA)
PDF - Microsoft Dynamics CRM - Professional Services Automation (PSA)

PSA (Professional Services Automation) is a role-tailored solution based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, which provides your project managers and directors the tools to manage their project, track time and expenses and manage invoicing. These tools make the job easier for project managers and your administrative teams to be more accurate and productive, resulting in higher profitability and cash flow.

In order for your business to run efficiently, as well as drive portfolio of projects, your executives need accurate and online information. The PSA solution gives managers and directors complete visibility across the company, into all professional services aspects of your projects: planning, contracts billing and invoicing, accounting, resource utilisation and profitability information.

The CRM system is highly configurable and can be customised to your company’s way of working with projects, thereby becoming a consistent model for project management within the business.

Essential functions


  • Project Management
  • Time and Expenses Tracking
  • Billing follow-up
  • Documentation and reporting

Project Management

With the PSA solution, creating new projects, budgeting, project planning and resource management are significantly simplified. The detailed dashboard allows you to administrate, monitor, and manage all projects, documents, assignment of your teams.


Time and Expenses Tracking

PSA integrates project management, time accounting and billing. As well, Project managers are able to have a view of both current and future activity, the budgeting of projects, the company’s margin contribution and the actual margin.


Billing tracking

Project managers are given an overview of the company’s expenses, identifying what can be charged and what revenue has already been made. This advantage leads to a better bill as it corresponds with the progress of projects.


Documentation and reporting

With the solution, information and documents are always up to date, providing project managers specific activity reports for business. This also ensures reliable information can be delivered to customers and for internal meetings. All of the data can easily be exported in other programs and formats, including Microsoft Excel, XML or PDF.

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