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Project Service Automation

Microsoft Dynamics for Project Service Automation helps professional service organisations acquire new clients, combat employee attrition and increase utilisation rates of resources.


Transformative service experience is key in remaining competitive for professional service organisations.  Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation is an end-to-end solution from quote to delivery to invoice that provides a single system for customer engagement across all project-related functions.


The PSA functionality is an integrated customer experience for organisations that deliver customer-facing, revenue-focused, project-based services including planning, estimating and pricing multi-day projects, optimising resource utilisation, tracking and approving project tasks and finances, and monitoring performance metrics to enable on-time, on-budget project delivery and improve efficiency, collaboration and profitability.

Quickly understand performance against key metrics

Business Intelligence

Practice managers can gain insights into the project profitability, billable utilisation, sales cycles and cost overruns either through the updated project-based dashboards – or through the ability to create template using the built in Microsoft PowerBI integration.

Get a consolidated view of personal appointments and bookings to drive billable focus

Consolidate scheduling

Project team members and PMs have a consolidated view of personal appointments and project work assignments on exchange calendar – and ability to track tasks directly in outlook – and on their mobile devices. Capture personal appointments in Dynamics 365 and CRM PSA work calendars that helps PMs have a complete view of team member availability.  By streamlining time reporting, team members can focus more on project deliverables.

Unify scheduling to bid faster and assign projects

Bid faster and assign projects

Resource Managers and PMs have a consolidated scheduling experience that leverages resource availability and skillsets

from both field service and project service teams.  So, service organisations can bid on projects faster and resource them quicker to reduce sales cycles.  This also helps optimise assignments and improve utilisation across cases, work orders or projects.  And the new dashboard view makes the project assignments intuitive.

Microsoft Project client integration

Integrate with familiar project management tools

Project managers become more effective as they can work with a familiar tool without duplicating the effort.  They can use the robust project scheduling and management capabilities of Microsoft Project client to complement the high-level sales planning in CRM PSA.


Seize the opportunity!


New generation client outlook
Enjoy the powerful features of Microsoft Dynamics CRM in the familiar Microsoft Outlook interface, with no hidden extras.

Business efficiency
Boost your business activity and get real-time sales visibility with powerful functions that help you analyse and monitor business opportunities.

Access your CRM from your mobile
Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides employees on the move with a rich user experience, with access to CRM functions and reporting functions from synchronised data.

Analytical capabilities
Identify data trends and customer needs through reliable data visualisation capabilities, real-time dashboards and powerful analyses.

Service productivity
Improve customer service processes and streamline incident management with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.


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