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Marketing teams today need to have specific tools to help them easily plan, implement and evaluate marketing campaigns from beginning to end. From marketing automation to assist with lead generation and nurturing, through to integrated campaign management and calendar tools, to creative design tools to help you create and share compelling messages, to full ROI analysis to aid in future planning.


With Dynamics CRM or Dynamics 365, your marketing and sales team can collaborate more easily and improve performance on shared objectives.


A successful marketing operation starts with good planning

A successful marketing operation starts with good planning

Reduce the time to market and improve your brand consistency and messaging. Dynamics CRM and Dynamics 365 deliver easy to use campaign management tools, which enable you to intuitively build and integrate multi-channel campaigns.

Include marketing planning and automation in your CRM

Marketing planning and automation

Reduce the administrative burden within campaign planning and management and focus on added value or more strategic initiatives. Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Dynamics 365 allows you to leverage the power of marketing automation to serve up relevant content and promotions to your prospects and customers.

Generate quality leads for your sales pipeline

Generate quality leads for your sales pipeline

Increase the volume and quality of lead generation more cost effectively and leverage your content to match the prospect’s position in the buying cycle. Marketing automation assists in nurturing of prospects prior to the sales process, whilst lead scoring will enable the marketing team to deliver leads into Dynamics CRM when they are sales-ready.

Collaborate even more effectively

Collaborate even more effectively

Improve collaboration between your team and your external providers for better alignment and even more flexibility in terms of implementation, content and events.

Listen and engage with your prospects and customers on social media

Echangez avec vos clients sur les réseaux sociaux

Evaluate the way you are perceived within social networks by both customers and prospective customers, listen to your market and understand how to position yourself in a relevant and proactive way within social media.

Test the marketing effectiveness of your campaigns

Test the marketing effectiveness of your campaigns

Analyse, interpret and act on marketing campaign results in real time against pre-set KPIs including ROI. Dynamics CRM and Dynamics 365 offer Business Intelligence (BI) tools to take the right decisions and channel future marketing investment.


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New generation client outlook
Enjoy the powerful features of Microsoft Dynamics CRM in the familiar Microsoft Outlook interface, with no hidden extras.

Business efficiency
Boost your business activity and get real-time sales visibility with powerful functions that help you analyse and monitor business opportunities.

Access your CRM from your mobile
Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides employees on the move with a rich user experience, with access to CRM functions and reporting functions from synchronised data.

Analytical capabilities
Identify data trends and customer needs through reliable data visualisation capabilities, real-time dashboards and powerful analyses.

Service productivity
Improve customer service processes and streamline incident management with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.


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