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Field Service

Microsoft Dynamics for Field Service helps ensure businesses provide the right person, in the right place, at the right time, using the right skills and equipment.  This drives better customer satisfaction AND improves the productivity of resource.


By empowering field service and delivery agents with the use of back office applications that seamlessly integrate and synch with warehouse, sales and finance functions; they can easily find, reserve and dispatch replacement products on demand; understand customer history prior to on-site and communicate with colleagues (and send PoD and repairs images to support) in real time.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Dynamics 365 for Field Service have embraced transformative technology such as IoT, BI and predictive intelligence via the Microsoft stack including Cortana Intelligence. 


Best practice throughout the service journey

Service workflow best practice

Using best practice, workflows within the Microsoft field service management solution streamline field service interactions - from receiving the job order, through to schedule and dispatch, customer updates, service call and outcomes, payment collection and approval of work orders.

Add further service value with proactive and preventative maintenance

A tailored service that is relevant to your customers

Connected Field Service in Dynamics CRM and Dynamics 365 for Field Service can pre-empt service calls through remote monitoring.   Using the IoT hub and sensor devices, know about a problem before the customer does and reduce your cost to serve by solving the problem at the lowest overhead.

Boost productivity and optimise scheduling

Unite your teams around a successful customer experience

Schedule optimisation can automatically fit the most daily appointments and minimise driving time.  Reduce manual intervention and prioritise most valuable customers.  Plus with scheduling unification, businesses can Schedule individuals, teams, or equipment for any type of appointment including in-house, onsite, or remote.  You can then expand the appointment types your resource can deliver, and simplify/speed up scheduling.

Give your customers more visibility and improve retention 

Be connected to your customers, using their preferred channel

Customers’ expectations have changed when ordering a product; they want to be able to track and trace and change delivery schedules so distributors, manufacturers and outsourced service agents must be able to fulfil the needs of the ever-changing customer landscape.  Empowering your customers with multiple channels to communicate such as outbound SMS, chat and portals drives better visibility into service interactions and reduces missed appointments.


Seize the opportunity!


New generation client outlook
Enjoy the powerful features of Microsoft Dynamics CRM in the familiar Microsoft Outlook interface, with no hidden extras.

Business efficiency
Boost your business activity and get real-time sales visibility with powerful functions that help you analyse and monitor business opportunities.

Access your CRM from your mobile
Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides employees on the move with a rich user experience, with access to CRM functions and reporting functions from synchronised data.

Analytical capabilities
Identify data trends and customer needs through reliable data visualisation capabilities, real-time dashboards and powerful analyses.

Service productivity
Improve customer service processes and streamline incident management with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.


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