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Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales enables your sales team to increase your turnover, win market share and improve your figures.


Customers and potential customers are increasingly well-informed. They often make buying decisions before you can even engage. Your sales strategy must therefore adapt, taking this new trend into account.    By the time buyers talk to salespeople, they are already 57% of the way through the buying process.  Customers have already defined their needs, researched solutions, settled requirements, and are starting to benchmark price.


In addition, there are more people. An average of 5.4 customer stakeholders is involved in a typical B2B purchase decision. As deals become increasingly complex, new stakeholders from different parts of the customer organisation are weighing in on purchase decisions.


Your sales team need familiar tools that are intuitive and easy to use, so that they can be more effective. Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales combines all these features.


Keep in touch with your customers, wherever they are and whatever device they are using, thanks to mobility

Keep in touch with your customers

Your sales professionals are constantly on the move, travelling regularly. Because Dynamics CRM and Dynamics 365 can be consulted remotely and on different devices, they can look up all the information they need, wherever they are.  Organisations see a 15% increase in productivity by using mobile CRM solutions.

Deepen the relationships with your customers through social networks

Deepen the relationships with your customers through social networks

Offer your sales team social network information so that they can identify leads and manage their relationship with customers. This will make them stand out from the competition. Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Dynamics 365 gives them a grasp of the conversations on social networks, which will enable them to make their contact more relevant, valuable and productive.

Better collaboration for better results

Better collaboration for better results

Give your sales, marketing and service teams the tools they need to collaborate better. For example, Dynamics CRM and Dynamics 365 gives sales increased visibility over marketing campaigns and targeting, whilst enabling marketing to analyse the sales opportunity pipeline for marketing ROI.  With Gamification - turn work into play by letting sales reps team up to collaborate and compete in fun, engaging competitions. And with highly visible contest results, sales reps are motivated to perform their best for themselves and their teams, leading to increased sales performance, productivity, and adoption of business applications.

Key information in real time with relationship analytics

Key information in real time

Using rich signals from Exchange and Microsoft Dynamics CRM you are able to automatically determine relationship health, risk and next best action, allowing your sales team to focus on selling to the right account at the right time.  Have a direct picture of your sales pipeline, wherever you are and whatever device you are using. Configure your data easily, by region, team or pricelist.

Seize the opportunity!


New generation client outlook
Enjoy the powerful features of Microsoft Dynamics CRM in the familiar Microsoft Outlook interface, with no hidden extras.

Business efficiency
Boost your business activity and get real-time sales visibility with powerful functions that help you analyse and monitor business opportunities.

Access your CRM from your mobile
Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides employees on the move with a rich user experience, with access to CRM functions and reporting functions from synchronised data.

Analytical capabilities
Identify data trends and customer needs through reliable data visualisation capabilities, real-time dashboards and powerful analyses.

Service productivity
Improve customer service processes and streamline incident management with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.


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