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Customer Service

With Dynamics CRM, enhance your customer’s experience and build customer loyalty while giving your service advisors added value with the latest tools.

Globalisation means that your customers are located throughout the world. To help them effectively, you must also have a presence everywhere and provide a responsive, relevant and effective service. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, build your customers’ loyalty while giving your advisors added value.


Converting potential customers into actual customers.

Loyalty customers

With full multi-channel service features, develop a special relationship with your customers by choosing their preferred internet channel: social networks, chat, mobile, etc.

Give your advisors added value

CRM Advisors added value

Equip your advisors with a unique tool that creates strong links. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, they will be able to offer your customers a swift, relevant service via a unified service console.

Optimise Customer Service

Optimise Customer Service

Reduce response time and improve problem-solving. Dynamics CRM provides your team with a knowledge base that is constantly being expanded.

Manage contracts

Manage contracts

Manage benefits and service level agreements (SLAs) in real time and go further in customer satisfaction through dynamic channelling and queueing of requests.

Combine teams to give better customer service

Combine teams to give better customer service

Give your teams the tools they need to respond swiftly to customer demands. The combined power of Yammer and Microsoft Dynamics delivers both transparency and flexibility.

Social Listening

Social network

Listen, reach and interact with your prospects and customers on any channel, and provide them with the service they expect on their own terms.

Seize the opportunity!


New generation client outlook
Enjoy the powerful features of Microsoft Dynamics CRM in the familiar Microsoft Outlook interface, with no hidden extras.

Business efficiency
Boost your business activity and get real-time sales visibility with powerful functions that help you analyse and monitor business opportunities.

Access your CRM from your mobile
Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides employees on the move with a rich user experience, with access to CRM functions and reporting functions from synchronised data.

Analytical capabilities
Identify data trends and customer needs through reliable data visualisation capabilities, real-time dashboards and powerful analyses.

Service productivity
Improve customer service processes and streamline incident management with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.


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